FAQ for a stay in @Home

Registration is free and no-obligation.

The contract is valid as soon as the resident’s statutes are signed by the student and received by the relevant contact partner in @Home.

Interested students will be informed by the relevant contact partner via e-mail about their inclusion on the waiting list.

A tour of the residential areas can be arranged by appointment.

No, for organisational reasons your residence cannot be changed during the study year.

Students will receive an e-mail when their contract is about to expire. On request a new contract of use can be issued and sent.

Yes, room cleaning is available on request.

Once a week: € 60.00 per month
Once a fortnight: € 45.00 per month
A monthly cleaning is included
Cleaning will take place on a week day and advance notice will be given.

A laundry room is available in the halls of residence, with three washing machines and three driers available. Payment is via a teller system.

Single room:
Lounge and bedroom
Single bed with mattress
Desk and chair
Cable TV connection and high-speed Internet access
Cooking area with combi oven-microwave, stove top, fridge with freezer compartment
Bathroom with shower, WC, wash basin and mirror

Double room:
Lounge and bedroom
Two separate single beds with mattresses
Two wardrobes
Two desks and chairs
Cable TV connection and high-speed Internet access
Two armchairs
Cooking area with combi oven-microwave, stove top, fridge with freezer compartment
Bathroom with shower, WC, wash basin and mirror

Crockery, towels and bed linen are not included in the basic price. The following packages can be booked as an extra:
Crockery starter package: € 89.00
Towel and bed linen starter package: € 89.00

All rules and ordinances are set out in the halls of residence statutes. These statutes must be signed along with the user contract and sent to @Home.

All students who have a valid usage contract with the halls of residence receive electronic access to the building via a mobile app. Access is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Access is only available when your mobile device is switched on.

To get the mobile app, and therefore have access to the building activated, you must bring a valid photo I.D. and a current certificate of registration with you.

Students who have taken out a usage contract with @Home, will receive an e-mail containing all the important information they need shortly before moving in.

Every semester, students must send the following documents to anita@melaprojekte in PDF format:

1. Photo
2. Copy of I.D.
3. Study confirmation (excludes new students starting their first semester. Send study confirmation at your earliest opportunity)
4. Registration confirmation

Fees for use are paid in advance between the 1st and the 5th of each month via direct debit. Payment is available via direct debit only, from a domestic account.

Costs comprise the user fee, package costs and VAT. Exact amounts can be found here.

Package costs include high-speed fiber optic Internet, heating, water and electricity and are based on general Fair Use principles. Should the resident cause damage to the property, use an unreasonable amount of energy, water etc., an additional charge may be levied. Payment for the washing machine and dryer is via bank card.

A one-off booking fee of € 80.00 is due when the contract is concluded.

In addition, before the start of usage, there will be a package fee for final cleaning of € 80.00 and € 60.00 to cover overheads (general flat rate) and one – or in the case of students from other countries, two – additional month’s rental fees, are to be paid as an advance payment of the usage fee. There is an additional booking fee of € 80.00 when booking.

Late payment of the above-mentioned amounts will incur default interest to the amount of 4% above the base rate and a dunning charge of € 15.00 for every dun, as arranged. Should the user not move into their apartment within 14 days of start of contract, or at a date otherwise agreed with us, there will be a cancellation fee to the amount of € 150.00 and the user will forfeit their deposit of one month’s usage fee.

All invoices and details can be seen online in the student portal on our website.

Fundamentally this room is intended for use by two people. The second user must also complete an application form.

A double room may also be used as single occupancy. The relevant user fees, operating costs and VAT can also be seen in availability.

Contact details & Contact partner

If students have any queries regarding damage or technical problems they should contact:

G&P Facility Service

office@gup-facility.at//+43 (0) 662 824044

24 hours emergency call: +43 664 1651500

For queries about the contract of use, apartments and  moving in and out, the following contact person is available:

Anita van der Merwe

anita@melaprojekte.at//+43 (0) 6767231305

Oberkrimml 199//5743 Krimml